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Phosphate Removal Scheme

Project Cost: £200,000

In order to meet increasingly strict environmental targets, our client needed to install Phosphate removal equipment. This ferric dosing equipment removes inorganic phosphates from wastewater so that it can be safely discharged into rivers, streams and other natural watercourses. The presence of phosphates in the water has increased in recent years due to the increased needs of agriculture. Agricultural washout from land treated with various fertilisers and chemicals required for the growing of crops increases the levels of phosphate in water entering the water treatment system.


Glasswell & Last were chosen to carry out the project due to our extensive experience with mechanical and electrical installations within the water industry.


In close collaboration with the employers design team and Tier 1 Principal Contractor we delivered a number of key upgrades to the works to allow for the effective operation of the new Phosphate Dosing System. 



Mechanical Overview

  • Water level balance pumps & pump pipework
  • De-sludge suction pumps & pump pipework
  • Inlet channel diversion plate
  • Access Stairs & Platform

Electrical Install

  • Electrical distribution / control
  • Instrumentation
  • Trace heating control panel, trace heating and lagging
  • Fibre optic communications and Telemetry.

Eel Screen Upgrade

Project Cost: £300,000

In order to meet newly imposed environmental legislation our client required upgrades to their current river abstraction works. 

This scheme was designed to protect aquatic life from being ingested by the works during abstraction operations. 

The installation of heavy duty screens to prevent ingress and allow Eels to pass safely and an associated system to prevent the screens from blocking with debris to maintain the required flows.


Through careful design and 3D Modelling, we worked closely with other contractors in the erection of the quayside lifting and support gantries. This became the framework for our process pipework installation. 


Glasswell & Last provided the following services:


Mechanical Upgrades

  • Replaced all sump pumps
  • Support for new valves & pressure control
  • New pipework feeding inlet screens

Electrical Install

  • New control panels
  • New level control
  • Flow control
  • Electrical distribution

GIS Substation

Project Cost: £780,000

A technically challenging mechanical and electrical installation, in a critical electrical substation. 


Glasswell and Last were chosen by the principal contractor on recommendation by the client for our past performance in the delivery of works to the Power Transmission and Distributor sector. 



We delivered a number of technically challenging and complex systems that were critical to the supply of electricity to thousands of customers within the South. 


This project had a number of facets including:

  • Installation of Building Services including Heating and Lighting
  • HVAC installation and Control
  • Alarm Marshalling and HVAC Control Panels
  • Intruder Alarm
  • High Level VESDA Fire Detection System
  • Installation of Hazardous Area Hydrogen Detection System

Gas Turbine Upgrades

Project Cost: £2m


In order to comply with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) our client needed to upgrade their current gas compressors with newer equipment, the new compressors will provide significant reduction to CO2 and NOX Emissions once operational. They are critical to delivering thousands of customers throughout the UK with with Mains Gas, particularly in winter these compressors need to be operational 24/7 with redundancies for maintenance and breakdowns. 


Glasswell and Last were chosen for our technical expertise within Hazardous areas.


Our COMPEX qualified electricians provided a number of intrinsically safe electrical installations around site including process, control and instrumentation necessary to safely monitor in a safety critical, flammable environment.

Mechanical staff provided installation of small bore stainless steel pipework and pneumatic controls, including pressure testing. 

Given the nature of the installation, we provided the client with a detailed quality assurance plan and numerous supporting evidence.


Throughout the scheme we further supported both the Main Contractor and client by providing electrical services to the site welfare and office facilities. 

Our performance lead us to be chosen by the Client in supporting another sister site. 

Nerada Wastewater Treatment

Project Cost: £1.4m 

Glasswell and Last were chosen to deliver a cutting edge process, one of the first of its kind to be constructed within the United Kingdom.

The technology known as Nerada, is an innovative product of Royal Haskoning.


In order to meet the growing demands of development in the region, our client needed to upgrade the capacity of water treatment processing plant. 


Given the fairly compact footprint of the site, the client chose to use a new cutting edge wastewater treatment technology. Which was able to deliver significant population equivalent increase in a smaller area than traditional processes. 


Given the relatively new nature of the process and it’s reliance on sensitive aerobic granular biomass, we delivered a number of technically challenging solutions including:


  • New DNO Power supply
  • Electrical Installation of Large Capacity Aerators
  • New Site Switchboard and Kiosk
  • New Nereda MCC and Kiosk
  • New Inlet MCC
  • Refurbished and new site lighting
  • New lightning protection system
  • New trace heating system
  • Instrumentation
  • Telemetry
  • Process Control Interfaces. 

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